Bella Sol Living: HOA FAQs

Bella Sol Living: HOA FAQs



With about 1/4 of the population living in a community with a Homeowner’s Association (HOA), there are many questions and misconceptions about what an HOA does. Although it varies from community to community, let’s discuss the role of the HOA at Bella Sol.

What does the HOA cover?

We spoke briefly about the role of the Bella Sol HOA in this post: the HOA covers liability insurance, landscaping, maintenance, and repairs. Bella Sol offers a variety of resort-style amenities for residents’ use, and the HOA provides upkeep for these amenities, letting you enjoy them worry-free. Here is a partial list of what we will care for:

  • Swimming pool and poolside kitchen and cabana upkeep, maintenance, and repairs
  • Landscaping throughout the property
  • External maintenance of all 9 buildings and 81 residences
  • Care for the community boat slips
  • Equipment repairs and updates in our state-of-the-art fitness center
  • Liability insurance
  • Interior repairs, as applicable
  • Gated community living and security

What are the benefits of an HOA?

The number-one benefit is the peace-of-mind provided. Not only does the HOA keep up the Bella Sol property as outlined above, but the HOA also provides a third-party to help solve any disputes amongst neighbors and offers guidelines for living harmoniously. Finally, the HOA plans resident activities where you can socialize and relax, creating a fun, community atmosphere.

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What are the drawbacks of an HOA?

The most common negative people cite about living in an HOA is the implementation of restrictions on living. For example, many HOAs have rules about parking on the street, lawn upkeep, exterior decor, and others. Though these restrictions may bother you if you are fiercely independent, most people appreciate the HOA for maintaining an aesthetically pleasing neighborhood and protecting property values.

What is the cost of being in an HOA?

Many people consider the monthly cost of joining an HOA to be a discouragement from buying a condominium. However, at Bella Sol, we ensure that you are getting a return on your monthly investment. We do on-going maintenance on our buildings, property, and amenities so you can enjoy your waterfront oasis, worry free.

For a limited time, new residents will get 6 months of HOA fees paid for! Call a Bella Sol New Home Sales Advisor now to learn more!


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